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painted wings and giants' rings

still playing along the cherry lane...

dangling participles are where it's at
5 September 1978
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There are two sides to every story, and the truth lies somewhere in between.

"It's important to me that my songs mean what they need to mean to you. They all mean something to me personally, but they might have a different meaning to you and that is just as valid, and just as important." - Tori Amos

"The rag isn't a rag, after all, but a T-shirt. On it are printed four words and an exclamation point. The dot of the exclamation point is in the form of a small green heart.

Reading the words on the T-shirt, remembering the man from whom Old Yeller had stolen a sandal along the interstate highway in Utah, Curtis says, 'Love is the answer'.

'It's true, I suppose,' Ms. Tavenall says, 'even when it's said by people who don't mean it.'

Rising from his chair, Curtis Hammond shakes his head. 'No, ma'am. If we're talking about the answer, then that's not it. The answer, the whole big enchilada, is a lot more complex than that. Love alone is an easy answer, and easy answers are what usually lead whole worlds into ruin. Love is part of the answer, sure, but just part. Hope is another part, and courage, and charity, and laughter, and really seeing things like how green pine trees look after a rain and how the setting sun can turn a prairie into molten gold glass. There are so many parts to the answer that you couldn't possibly all squeeze them onto a T-shirt.'" - from One Door Away From Heaven, by Dean Koontz

The WeatherPixie

31 years old. Happily married. Mother of Drake, 5, and Oksana, 3. I became a SAHM this past fall and am figuring out how to balance 'working' from home and raising my family. (I say 'working' not to devalue the things I do, but because so far I haven't figured out how to get very much actual productive WORK done, lol.) My husband works full-time in an IT/tech job (he also does IT consulting jobs as they come up).

I am a consultant with Heritage Makers. I help people create storybooks of their lives. You can learn more at my website:


I keep a public blog at http://www.milliondreammom.com . It's mostly clean, with some articles about life (mine, and my observations on it in general) and talk of crafting and cooking.

I keep another, less-clean, public blog over at http://www.dirtyoldmoms.com . It's NOT safe for work or children, but it's a lot of fun.

I'm learning, loving and living. I'm losing weight and struggling with a recent diagnosis of Type II Diabetes. I'm constantly trying to juggle my many hobbies and my too-rare 'free time'. I'm chronically disorganized and struggling to change that aspect of myself. I want to start my own business, or perhaps several businesses. I write books, and plan to become published someday soon. I live in the suburbs and dream of a bigger house. I dream of investing in real estate and owning rental properties. I want to flip houses. I want to bake the tastiest foods you've ever tasted. I want to scare the hell out of you and leaving you screaming...for more. I want to host you, help you, and haunt you. I want to entertain. I want to invest in the stock market, actually learn what I'm doing, and make a fortune. I want to retire young. I want to give my children every opportunity to be the best they can be. I want to travel the world. I want to take awesome photographs. I want to spend a whole day, every now and then, playing video games (WoW, anyone?). I want to live in a gothic old Victorian mansion. I want my dogs and children to LISTEN to me the first time, even if it only happens a couple times a day, it would be an improvement, really. I want to figure out how to balance all the things I feel like I NEED to do.

things other people have to say about me:

"you're no stranger to melodrama. What's that? Are those violins playing gently in the background? And like all good performers, you are in touch with a variety of your inner characters. You've got all the angst of an early '90s garage band, but fortunately it fuels your creative urges and helps you relate to others. When your friends aren't giving you a standing ovation, they're sharing their feelings because you really listen. 4s have an inner Vasco De Gama of sorts, as they fearlessly explore uncharted emotions within. As a Romantic, you enjoy emotion whether it's watching a sappy John Hughes film for the 20th time since high school or pursuing that mysterious lover who doesn't know you exist. But be careful, road kill just might take you a little longer than your friends to get over. And ending a relationship of any kind might send you straight into a depression you oblige with a healthy dose of Peter Gabriel or Enya. At your best, you can harness your emotions like few others to produce unique expressions of yourself. Your need to "feel" might lead you to commit risky acts that could hurt you—umm fellow 4s J.D. Salinger, the Artist-who-can't-stop-changing-his-name-to-Prince, would you care to chime in? But trusting your self-knowledge gives you an advantage that others lack." - a crazy online quiz that actually got a lot of things right. go figure.

"you guys are freaky cool." - alacrity, referring to my whole family

"you are always one of the lucky ones:) Really:)" - survivinglove

"there are people who aknowledge your reedeming qualities, we just don't want you to get a big ego from us saying it though :)" - mystic78

"Ummm...Sorry, we did not realize that in addition to your skewed, but interesting, perception of reality that you were racist." - jojoandbobo

"I think your perception of reality is pretty cool.. :)" - druid_grrl

"Oh well, I always knew you were an elistist whore anyways!!" - mystic78

"You are a dreamer. Constantly filling your mind with fantasies, you withdraw inside yourself in order to experience these more clearly. You dislike people and the distractions they cause. You are eccentric and lack a firm grasp on reality." - another crazy online quiz

"OMG kristi rawkz because she found a poo community" - spacemouse

"I think you just always look at the downside. Your perspective seems to be one of you vs the world. You complain about the wrongs what the world is doing to you in almost every post. You come off in many of your posts sounding very whiney and spoiled, complaining about every little detail that irks you and then sometimes even directly defiant to fixing the problems which you, yourself complained that you have just a few posts before. Try to look at the bright side and focus on people besides your self occasionally (and no, not on what other people are doing to you)." - tyvoq

Upcoming Heritage Makers Events Here:

Please contact me if you are interested in attending any of these events.

I always knew this was going to happen. I always knew that skepticism and science were mere psychological decorations and vanities. Deep in our alligator brains we all know that the world is just chock full of evil and monsters and sinister forces aligned against us, and it is only a matter of time until they show up. Evolution know this, too. It knows what to do when the silent terror comes at you from out of the dark.
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