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scrappin' like crazy

My dear livejournal friends, I thought you might like to know that I finally started up that personal scrapbooking business I have talked about off and on. Yes, I finally jumped in and did it. Here's hoping I can make a go of it. I love what I'm doing, and I know the products are beautiful, and I truly believe in the value of preserving memories; I just need to get the word out.

If you're interested in following my progress and my business, there are a number of ways you can do so!

I have a Scrapbook Chicago facebook fan page here. If you are on facebook, please 'like' my business! You don't have to be in, or near, Chicago to do so. I ship all over. I will also run periodic contests and giveaways.

My etsy store, amilliondreams, is here. I will post various offerings regularly. I am always available for custom work, so if you are interested in something that isn't listed, please contact me with your thoughts and we will put a fantastic project together.

Finally, I started a Scrapbook Chicago blog to talk more about the products I am offering and the ways that you can create projects like these yourselves, if you are so inclined.

Thanks for looking, everyone! I appreciate it.

Sep. 24th, 2010

My friend weekendpbs just started a new food community called bitchnkitchn! If you like food, you should join and hang out with us. She says:

"This is for all things food related - recipes, etc., as well as topics like food allergies, food for health, etc. And once a month we are going to have a lunch online where people can kvetch about whatever the hell they want.

Don't care if you eat Kobe beef with truffled rice pilaf or Chee-tos and Diet Pepsi - we want you to come and hang out."

So please, come and share!

cleaning update

I posted an update on the dining room, with the most complete 'finished' pictures to date, on my Million Dream Mom blog here: http://milliondreammom.blogspot.com/2010/08/i-am-recovering-hoarder.html

Still working on the kitchen. Didn't post about that yet. A lot of the WORK in there is in sorting through things in cabinets and drawers, so there's not a lot of visual accomplishment yet. I clean the counters off, empty a cabinet on them, clean out the cabinet, sort through the stuff, put some in boxes to sell, put the rest away. The counters cycle through dirty-clean-cluttered-clean-cluttered and back again over and over. So I'll probably show that to everyone when it's done.

Name Help!

I'm looking for name / website name advice. I'm still technically a Heritage Makers consultant, but I'm REALLY not into the whole 'doing parties' thing, and I'm not even really into putting my energy into having digicrops and stuff at my house right now. It's just not where my business interests currently lie. HOWEVER, I still love scrapbooking and digital scrapbooking and I would love to do it for people and I like doing it myself.

I am thinking, as a way of trying to earn extra money, of offering personal scrapbooking services (both digital and traditional) to people. I need to start with a website. I need a name / website address. i will keep my "scrap your books" site linked to heritage makers, and will still happily help individuals learn how to use the Heritage Makers system if they're interested (and probably even let my customers know that they can learn to do this themselves if they are interested). So I need a new site to show my products and let people know how to order from me.

Some thoughts, with currently available domains:

Lifetime Memories By Kristi (www.lifetimememoriesbykristi.com)

Kristi The Memory Saver (www.kristithememorysaver.com)

The Memory Savior (www.thememorysavior.com)

I kind of like the last one except "savior" always makes me think of Jesus and I don't want people to think I'm paralleling myself to Jesus. But I really do believe in helping people save their memories and photos and I AM passionate about it, which is why that name appeals to me.

Do you like any of these? Hate them? Have other suggestions? HELP!

Thanks guys, love you.


cleaning: staying on task!

So weekendpbs has a new house and is thinking about cleaning and schedules and staying on task and all that. She posted a poll with some questions about frequency of certain household tasks and wondered how the rest of us manage it. I filled out the poll with some measure of amusement; I don't think it's any secret that I am not very accomplished in the area of house cleaning. However, I have good intentions, and I think I set up a decent system, if only I could stick to it. After I commented, she indicated interest in seeing my 'house control journal', as it were, and since it's lengthy I figured I'd share it here. How do all of YOU keep up with your homes? What works for you and what doesn't? Do you see ways I could take what I've got here, a method that only partially works for me, and improve it?

Here was my comment on her poll:

"this poll is hilarious because I am the worst cleaner on the planet. For the tasks that I "accomplish" daily and weekly, I assumed you actually meant "which tasks do you PLAN to accomplish daily and/or weekly", rather than 'which tasks do you actually get DONE on a regular basis", because I fail most every week. And day, for that matter. I have never figured out how to keep up with all the tasks I feel NEED to be done in even my small house, without sacrificing family time and work time. It's a neverending battle for me.

That said, I DO have a schedule that I even follow sometimes, with tasks for every day, and when I'm following it I try to get some things done every day so that the house is always in some semblance of order. When I have my clutter problem under control, it's easier to follow. When I don't have the clutter under control, it's hard to CLEAN because picking up the clutter always gets in the way of cleaning time.

How I made it: i went through every room in my house and listed all the chores for each room I thought needed to be done, ever. Then I categorized them as daily, weekly, or monthly chores. (I included the outside, with things like cutting the grass and cleaning the gutters too.) I made sheets up for every day of the week, and listed all the daily and weekly chores on them. I tried to space the weekly chores all out throughout the week and also group them together so, for instance, all the vacuuming gets done in one day, and all the dusting on another. Then I added a page with monthly chores. When the first of the month hits, I try to either schedule them on the calendar or just get to them when I have 'extra' time during the week.

I have never done the monthly chores in the two years that this 'house control journal' has existed. But I know what they are should I ever get around to them.

As I said, when my house is decluttered, I'm pretty good about getting to the journal and at least working on the daily / weekly chores each day. I have never gotten through a whole house's worth of stuff though, and it's frustrating. Even when I'm at the top of my game, it seems like there are always more chores than I can keep up with. I don't know if that's MY failing or if I was overambitious with my lists (I don't THINK I was, but who knows), but it seems like I will be spending two hours a day cleaning every day in order to get it all done. And I only have a 2 bedroom ranch house! Add in cooking and cleaning up after meals and taking care of the kids and homework and baths and showers, and I have NO time left over for writing / working, let alone for any hobbies. It's immensely frustrating, and I often wish I could afford a maid.

I AM challenged in the cleaning department, it's true, but I also feel really frustrated at the amount of work taking care of a house seems to be. ANd it's not just owning a house, it's apartments, everything; cleaning in general just seems to take up so much time. :/

I am willing to share my task lists with you if you want to know more after all my bitching about cleaning there, lol.

My house is filthy right now. FILLLLTHY."
and here are my weekly and monthly cleaning lists for my house:Collapse )

we made a mooovviieeee!

we totally did. It was an awesome good time. You can read a bit about why we did it and who is in it at my post here: http://sepulchrestudios.blogspot.com/2010/05/we-made-mooovviieee.html

You can watch it on my blog too, or watch it here:

Let's Get Dirty

Hey guess what? I had a sexy dream last night! It was kind of awesome and I wanted to write about it but wasn't sure anyone here wanted to read my dirty nighttime exploits, so I put it in Dirty Old Moms instead. It's here if you want to read it.

Also, because I'm a slacker moderator, I just approved two posts from two of our other contributors that have been sitting there for a while. Sorry guys! Don't miss The Muse's Preview or Love Sick's Things I Can't Wrap My Head Around, which I encouraged her to post when I read it in a different forum because I thought it was a really good piece of writing on her struggle to define her sexuality.

Check them out, folks!

Click the link for my write up of our Italian feast yesterday! :)


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